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Chef Bachour’s recipes are in high demand from professional bakers, corporate kitchens, as well as home bakers and enthusiasts. Available only at The Chef’s Connection, each of the maestro’s publications are available in convenient and downloadable eBook format. The repertoire of patisserie and viennoiserie contained within these documents demonstrate Chef Bachour’s mastery of the pastry arts, and showcases his passionate devotion to his craft.


Bachour the Baker is an indispensable pastry & dessert recipe book intended as a reference guide for the professional baker. Learn how to make professional quality laminated dough by following the illustrated step-by-step instructions for puff pastry, croissants, brioche, cookies, and more!

This book is a treasure trove of pastry possibilities.

Foreword by Chef Kirsten Tibbals, Photography by Battman


Chocolate is the third collaboration between celebrated Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour and renowned food-photographer Battman. This book includes ful-color photographs and recipes for Entremets, Petit Gateaux, Verrine, Tarts, Bonbons, and lovely Chocolate Plated Desserts.

Chef Bachour shows you his most impressive and delicious preparation and presentation methods for all manner of chocolate desserts.

Foreword by Chef Luciana Bianchi, Photography by Battman


The stunning debut cookbook from renowned Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour. Out of print, and highly coveted, this culinary masterpiece is now available for the first time in eBook form. This beautiful book features the signature flavor combinations, cooking techniques, and stunning presentations that have made Bachour such an celebrated chef of the pastry arts.

Foreword by Chef Jordi Valles, Photography by Battman


Antonio Bachour’s second book is packed with even more detailed recipes and big photos of his wonderful plating. This new one includes the addition of traditional American measurements (cups and spoons in addition to grams), making his recipes more accessible to his readers and fans.

Foreword by Chef Florian Bellanger, Photography by Battman